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A Spirited New Year!

*Are you prepared for the truth?*

@flyingdogbrewery says: “The Truth's sharp hop bitterness begins with pine on the nose and evolves into bright citrus and subtle stone fruit flavors. Developed alongside over a dozen Single-Hop Imperial IPAs. The truth was three years in the making and has some of the most unique hop varieties available today.”

The Truth is this complex, the fruit-forward character leaves a really sweet bitterly taste- but not too much so. Tastes of pineapple, sweet citrus and tangerine.

Abv: 8.7%

IPU: 120

Style: Double IPA

Pairs well with political thrillers, action & adventure novels. Some of my favorite included in picture. Don’t forget the sweet sounds of the Marines bottle opener. Have you read any by these authors?

@authortedbell Hawke series is amazing. I’ve just gotten into English adventure story and I won’t be slowing down. Lord Alexander Hawke is a descendant of English pirate Blackhawke. Now a decorated naval hero for England, he gets tapped by the American spy agencies for sensitive missions. Incredibly written.

@vinceflynn.comoff Term Limits. This could be the greatest debut for any author today. Everyone should probably read this book. And do so, today. Many books later, & I’m still enthralled by one of America’s greatest operatives: Mitch Rapp.

Tom Clancy: damn near where it all began for me. — President Ronald Reagan received "The Hunt for Red October" as a gift and called Clancy's first published novel, "my kind of yarn." From there, Clancy made a trip to the White House to meet with Reagan. @marccameronbooks is leaving his legacy on the pages of Jack Ryan novels. Maybe my protagonist will live so long to be called a classic.

I started reading Dale Brown by accident. It’s true. I went to order @authordanbrown book Angels & Demons but gotten too excited.

The rest is history. I’ve collected and read all of the heroic exploits of Patrick McLanahan.

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