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Another Boozy Friday Night Flight

Just a ramblin' man going on about wine, beer, books, and cigars. You can catch BookIt! The Podcast every Friday night for our segment "Friday Night Flights." Now streaming everywhere you listen online! 

I'm a huge fan of this particular season. I enjoy the Fall foliage. I enjoy transitioning to heavier wine and beer. But you know what really grinds my gears? Changing of the clocks. Who wants to feel tired at 4pm? You go to work and it's dark. You come home from work and it's dark. This outdated tradition must come to a swift ending. We should not stand for feeling tired AND depending on your location, freezing off such sensitive body parts. It's cruel and inhumane; quite frankly.

What are your thoughts on red wine and boozier brews during the winter snap? White in summer? Is it time for that tradition to be eradicated as well? Perhaps. 

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