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Bourbon Night Flight

It's finally Bourbon Night!!

Lost City Library's BookIt! The Podcast is eagerly (and expertly) reviewing 3 amazing bourbon's. Jack Daniel's Tennessee whiskey, Jim Beam's Double Oak, and Redemption Bourbon. All three are classics, all three are tasty, and all three are a perfect pairing to your budget!

JD Tennessee Whiskey:

80% Corn. 12 % Rye. 10 % Malt. Nose: Light/ Sweetness. Palate: Dry Spice. Oily nuts. Finish: Sweeet and toasty oak

Jim Beam Double Oak:

77% Corn. 13% Rye. 10% Barley. Palate: DRY DRY DRY :) Some kind of dehydrated cherry flavor for sure. Notes of char- giving it a long peppery finish

Redemption Bourbon:

75% Corn. 21% Rye. 4% Barley. Palate: Somewhat watery, grain other times. Finishes a little short. It feels like it's missing a pop. Appearance: Gold in the glass. Nose: Sour note present. Oak taste gives way to a more wood or pencil shaving finish.

Hit that play button below for a full review of all good things bourbon! What pairs well with this podcast episode? BOURBON!

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