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Classic Gin & Fitz Pairing

A BookIt! The Podcast listener leaves feedback and my monotone response to that.  Also, things are heating up in the North East so we try to cool things off with a refreshing pairing of the classic gin and tonic. We review and pair another classic novel with that gin classic and a fine cigar that will make you think you were sitting inside of a speakeasy.

Who doesn't like a gin & tonic on a warm summer evening?! And what's with the Fitz? Well, every bibliophile's favorite friend- Mr. F. Scott, to me- F. Scott Fitzgerald, of course! Wild times, great books, and refreshing drinks.

\As for a perfect cigar pairing during a jazz session or a good read? Look no further than my personal "old favorite" the Padron! Such a complex array of flavor with a sweet finish. Just like a good book.

The Lost City Library will explore all that, and so much more on another edition of BookIt! The Podcast. Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook @LostCityLibrary.

As always, please pair responsibly.

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