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Comics and Beer- the perfect pairing

Wine and Cheese? Fancy. Cigar and bourbon? Classic. Comics and Beer? The perfect pairing.

Get your old-school inner geek on with this week's Friday Night Flights special edition of Lost City Library's "BookIt! The Podcast".

Hey, a superhero still has to blow off some steam, right? I imagine it's not at all easy saving the planet from evil villains day in and day out. No, I'm sure people like Spidey still have to unwind from their studies and super strength. And what do you suppose Peter Parker picks? I'm guessing a PBR. Yes, everyone's favorite college student on a budget drink. We know you secretly yearn for that old college drink. Just like you do comic books!

Marvel Versus D.C? X-MEN Versus Batman?

Speaking of Wolverine, wouldn't you pair this mutant from Canada with something a little....Canadian? Sure you would. Check out our show for more MARVEL-ous perfect pairings.

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