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Friday Night Flights and a Flannel

Round 2 of Lost City Library's BookIt! The Podcast! "Fright Night Flights." This week's episode won't be nearly as awkward as the debut podcast. I think. But I won't make any promises. The Lost City Library is really excited to debut this weekly episode again not just for the heavier brew, but because the staff breaks out the best part of the season: flannels!

Now that it's gone chilly, we explore our flights in the comfort on a fine flannel :) Will this be a weekly attire? We hope so!

This week, we talk stronger seasonal brews, a perfect pairing for those foodies out there, and how sheltering in place is starting to pop buttons. So let's start popping bottles for another episode of BookIt! The Podcast "Friday Night Flights."

I'm also excited to vigorously dabble in the evening cigars as the weather turns, the sun dips sooner, and finding the best seasonal reads. Look for more reviews of The Lost City favorites as we "Fall into Books."

For more ways to watch and listen, check out Lost City Library & BookIt! The Podcast on FB & IG. Also, subscribe to our Lost City Podcast channel on youtube. 

And as always, please pair responsibly!

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