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Friday Night Flights Perfect Pairing

Lost City Library's BookIt! The Podcast is back with another episode of Friday Night Flights. Each week, now and throughout the fall season, we'll explore all the best books. beer, and cigar pairings.

A lot of updates to share concerning our merchandise, blogs, and other content. So much happening since the last podcast for sure!

We have yet another amazing legal thriller and courtroom drama from John Grisham. A Time for Mercy debuted 10/13 and picks up where A Time to Kill leaves off in Clanton, Mississippi. One year later (1990) with the same hero protagonist (Jake Brigance) defending a young man from a certain rush to judgement and even quicker execution. This book isn't just timeless, its timely. Go out, buy a copy, and you'll understand why it's just that.

Our merchandise is now available on our website,!! Very excited to be able to drop that little bit of info :) We have tees, long sleeves, hoodies, and more! All sizes, both men & women. Browse different color's of each, and also shop our store for things like beach bags and phone cases. 

NEW digital content now available on youtube/ Lost City Podcast. From fast-paced trailers of our shows to short films exploring the Lost City Ruins. Like and subscribe for more ways to follow! 

Speaking of follows, be sure to like, follow, and share us on Facebook & Instagram @lost city library and @BookIt The Podcast.

As always, come back each week for another episode of Lost City Library's Friday Night Flights!

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