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Friday Night Flights Salutes Sir Sean Connery

Lost City Library & BookIt! The Podcast says our somber farewell to an icon, the original Bond, and knighted fellow Mr. Sean Connery. Dead at 90 surrounded by family and loved ones. We recognize his accomplishments, as we salute his many talents, movies, and career over a lifetime. 

Once again we look forward to saying adios to 2020, we thankfully touch ever so briefly on this exhausting election (your host gets a little punny) and we discuss some cool motion graphics.

Shout out to everyone listening, subscribing, and watching on all of our social platforms. From Facebook to YouTube, and our website to our podcasts, thank you sincerely for tuning in, commenting, and shopping our online store.

You can listen to "Shaken or Stirred" to catch up on all things Bond and the first portrayal starring Connery right here, or wherever other podcasts are found! So forget the election time blues, and pick up a couple of ice-cold brews, and join us for another Friday Night Flights Podcast.

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