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Friday Night Scotch!

Oh, such de-scotchery!

Lost City Library is back for another BookIt! The Podcast episode of Friday Night Flights.

In this episode of Lost City Library's BookIt! The Podcast, we talk about all things across the pond! From the 5 regions that make up Scotland to the perfect pairing of cigars for your enjoyment.

Check out our recommendations for beginners and connoisseurs alike. We explore Campeltown, Highlands, Lowlands, Speyside, and Islay. Where do they fall on my favorites? Stay tuned!

Continue listening for the perfect pairing of each of the region's best scotch, with only the finest cigars. All that and more on this week's episode of Lost City Library's BookIt! The Podcast.



These whiskies are varied and hints of medium to full of flavor. Smoke, toffee, and a slight vanilla taste magnify a fruit-forward finish (Say that after a dram or two of the finest!)


Noted for a couple of glens, and a river called Spey, these worldly whiskies are known for such characteristics like pear, apple, and spice. Most likely found stowed in Sherry casks. Note: these Sherry casked aged liquid delights are nothing new. Due to promotional push, may labels now endorse such advertising. In fact, this kind of aging has been used for many, many years!


These are the whiskies you want to introduce your wayward friends. Light, subtle, but elegant; they truly inspire the palate wanting for more. Tastes of grass and honeysuckle give way to toast and cinnamon. Enjoy this lighter fare pre-dinner!


Welcome to my personal favorite region! From lighter character to saltier malts, this advertises such a hugely diverse area. No matter your level of Scotch knowledge, you really won't be lead astray! From soft and sweet, to full and smokey; these are incredible to keep liquor cabinets for any occasion.


Pronounced eye-luh-this peat forward whiskey will have its taste- and aroma- linger over you for a little bit of time! Glancing over any label from this region, you will notice very liberal tasting characteristics. The Lost City Library insists you pick up a bottle and see if you agree!

Please Pair Responsibly.

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